How to save an author’s life with book reviews.

A simplistic guide on writing helpful book reviews;For readers who don’t know what the hell to say, or don’t have the time to say it.

I know some of you are reading Our Bloody Pearl, so I wanted to take a moment to talk about reviews!

Why should you write reviews for books you enjoy? 

  1. Any positive review, no matter how short, benefits the writer by helping attract the writer’s target audience and convincing that audience that the book is worth their time.
  2. If your favorite writer isn’t a bestseller, your short, thirty second review contributes to putting food on their table and bringing you more books.

Where should you post reviews? 

  • Goodreads is a great place, especially if you’re looking for something easy which can also serve as a record of what you’ve been reading for your own future reference.
  • In order to do well on Amazon, and any advertising system which checks Amazon (such as bookbub), it’s important for books to have at least 20 reviews there.
  • Even if none of your social media output is book review revealed, blogs, videos, instagram, and other social media sites are also great places to show your support by posting casual reviews or enthusiastic responses to the things you’ve been reading.

Writing reviews in two and a half quick and dirty steps, so simplistic your cat could do it.

Answer these questions and paste your answers together! (Example answers provided but they certainly don’t cover all situations.)

1. How good did you feel the book was? Fantastic || Excellent || Great || Good || Enjoyable || Heart-warming || Worth a read || Okay || Not the book for me.

2. What was your favorite part about the book and why?

  • Plot: kept me guess || held my attention || was suspenseful || had a good twist.
  • Character(s): felt like real people || were fun to read about || underwent interesting development || were all unique || were quirky and enjoyable.
  • World building: created a world that felt real || was interesting || was original || made me want to live there.
  • Writing: was gorgeous || made me laugh || was easy to read.

3. (Optional.) Who should read this book and when? All ages || lovers of the genre || those looking for a light, fun read || anyone who’s fine with their heart being ripped out || readers who can sit through slow beginnings || readers who want a fast paced story.

The end result: “This book was fantastic! The plot kept me guessing every step of the way. Fantasy readers of all ages will love it.”

Don’t forget to go review Our Bloody Pearl

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