From the high seas to the deep swamps…

Introducing the next book in the These Treacherous Tides series:

Our Petty Poisons (1)

When a banished mer-snake’s attempt to steal from the jungle’s most notorious energy cartel leaves him physically chained to the cartel’s human prisoner, he must guide her through the desolate swamps of his homeland. But the poison coursing through her veins might just kill her before the swamp or the cartel leader can — if the two unlikely allies don’t destroy each other first. 

The human’s hands flick, her chain rattling again, all the way from her wrist to where its clamped into the wall. “Your ignits! Give me the blue one!”

I glance down at the stones, and then back at her. If she shoves the blue ignit into the lock in her wrist cuff, it might break her free. Clever human.

I look her square in her haunting blue eyes and put both stones into my mouth. I clamp my lips shut, careful not to swallow them, and sign a feirce, “No.” No fucking way I’m giving this to anyone.

Her face shifts, her thick brows moving and her lips fall open. Her hands say, “You rude, scaly, bottom dwelling–”

The door to the main deck rattles like a key being turned.

“Later, monkey muck.” I fling past the human, shoving her out of the way to reach for the window.

You can already purchase the first book in this disconnected merfolk inspired fantasy series here(Or find it here on Goodreads.)

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