Get your daily dose of fantasy, diversity, and sirens with this 99¢ sale on the Our Bloody Pearl ebook.

Our Bloody Pearl is 99¢ until December 5th!

The short:

After a year of voiceless captivity, a bloodthirsty siren fights to return home while avoiding the lure of a suspiciously friendly and eccentric pirate captain.

But don’t take my word for it…

He whistles, standing in the doorway. “A live siren—can you believe it?”

My heart thumps like a fleeing fish and I hate it, but I can’t force the terror away. What does he want with me? What could he want, but to do to me what Kian has already done? Or worse.

The main cabin’s locking mechanism chimes and Simone returns. She leans against the wall at the other human’s side. “They’re smaller than I imagined. What do you think this one is, about eight feet long at most?”

“Their carcasses come in all different sizes,” he replies with a dry grin. “But a livesiren, Simone. Captain Kian was a lucky bastard.” He steps into the little room.

I jerk away from him until the metal cuffs bite my skin. The bruises Kian left this morning show the reaction is worthless, yet some part of me still believes it will help, no matter how many times I’m proved wrong. But he doesn’t move to touch me. Instead, he steps back.

“Find a corpse, would you? I think I’ll be needing some entrails.” A salty smile hangs from his words, a cutting sort of amusement.

Read the full chapter one here.

Other highlights include a large heaping of diversity, found family, soft lighthearted adventure, tears and laughter, and dangerous fun all around.

Get it for a buck, today!

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