Our Bloody Pearl Funsies!

A lot of fun Our Bloody Pearl related things went down on tumblr and instagram over the last few months, so I thought I’d share some of them here!

Some great art…


Murielle and Simone by Phy-be


Perle by Pan

dejean xlehx

Dejean by xlehx

And so much more…

OBP fans described the mer-species they think would live in the bodies of water near their homes:


i think northern freshwater merfolk would be wonderfully chubby because it can get niiiice n cold up here so i headcanon plump merfolk in this lake


I think the ones hiding in lakes here in Quebec would be akin to Salmonidae, the trout/salmon family, fatty fish that will help them keep warm in the winter, predators, and I think they’d be akin to the Grey Trout ( Salvelinus namaycush) known as Touladi ,which is the greatest freshwater Salmonidae there is. They have a wonderfully colured belly with oranges and whites with a grey silver back, and a widely forked tail compared to other freshwater trout.

They reside in the deepest, larges lakes, and can grow to be giants. I can definetely see some merfolk having some of these as ancestors, because catfish don’t like the cold. The Touladi live for it.


The closest lake and water system I live next to is manmade from a small stream. I have a feeling though that somehow merfolk were trapped in the lakes construction and now have adapted to their new, much smaller, and highly managed environment. I imagine they are small, more fragile than wild mer, very timid, and don’t prey on large items, but rather small waterbirds and fish, and live on their own or in very small groups, scavenging for food amongst the rubbish.


dirty boi in dirty lake, solitary, eats the birds and tips over people’s canoes just to laugh at them 😅😂


Mermaids in this river a car ride away fro my home that goes to the ocean are really aggressive since the algae began taking over and they help the manatees not get hurt


I dont really live by any lakes but there is a lot of big, big rivers so I would think these mermaids would travel in small pods and jave very earthy dark colours to match the murky, muddy waters! There is also a river within my city contaminated with radiation so its interesting to think of river mermaids being affected by it…

You can find more fan works, fun stuff, and reviews on my blog or through the OBP tags on tumblr and twitter

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