Writerly Updates and Goals

Due to real life getting in the way, I’ve taken a little break from posting here, but I’ve still been working just as steadily. Here are some updates, separated by series. The key points are highlighted for easy skimming.

The Warlord Contracts.

I’ve started querying Iron From Fire, but it’s become very obvious very quickly that this will be a hard debut to sell because it’s low concept (e.g. the focus of the story is the character’s development without that hot combination of easily marketable, currently-the-range concepts.)

I hate the idea of putting this series back on the shelf because almost all my writing efforts in the last three years have been poured into it, so I’m going to (metaphorically) spam 30-40 agents in April to be sure there’s no one willing to pick it up at this time before I set it to the side.

I will be coming back to it someday, but I don’t have the motivation to rewrite the character arcs into a high concept context right now.

Quasi Stellar VtS

The new version of Quasi Stellar VtS is coming out fantastically, and is easily pitched as a f/f Gothic ANNIHILATION in space. My goal is to focus my attention on it as much as possible, and have it ready for querying this winter. Whether that’s a realistic goal or not will depend on what my alpha readers think though.

Because I’ll be attempting to traditionally publish this novel, I won’t be posting the old version yet. The new version is so different that I don’t think future agents and editors will mind the original being online, but I’d prefer to wait until I have a go-ahead to do it.

Also the new version also has a secret new name (abbreviated VtS) which I shall reveal… someday.

Our Petty Poisons

During my breaks from Quasi Stellar, I’ll be doing Our Petty Poisons edits. I’d like to finish these by the winter so I can focus on getting things ready for a summer 2020 release. (It might also have a new title by then though, heads up.)

We Are, We Are Monsters

I finally realized that the reason I keep putting off WAWAM is because I’m trying to outline it as a YA novel when it really should be a MG. I’m really excited to start on it now, and I’m filing it in for writing during 2020.


God I can’t wait for this book. Also filing it in for 2020, though it might get bumped up so I can write the next These Treacherous Tides novel.

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