I’ll tell you a secret: I’m deathly afraid that no one actually likes my writing. (Which is a little silly when my debut is receiving a few hundred five star reviews for every one star equivalent, but brains aren’t always very logical). So if you’re doubting your own writing and whether people enjoy it, you aren’t alone.

And more-over:

  • Your value as a writer is not dependent on what you think of your own writing at any given time.
  • It’s not dependent on the negative feedback you cling to.
  • It’s not dependent on your current mental health.
  • It’s not dependent on your ability (or inability) to process and internalize positive feedback.

So if you’ve looked for validation and didn’t get it, or you got validation and it didn’t feel like enough, or if you can even bring yourself to seek validation for fear you won’t receive any, then I’m here to say:


I hereby shun all your brain goblins to the abyss. Go forth and write and believe in yourself, or write despite your disbelief. This is your sign not to give up.

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