Writing Diversity: Can You Force it?

Writing diversity isn’t “forced.”

What’s forced in writing is continuously cherry pick the situations in which many groups have been deliberately forced outby the one group who prides themselves as being ‘the norm.’

Let me explain:

While the world is very diverse, there are situations and areas where someone could justify not including diversity (such as if you were writing about a historical ivy league school or your European upper class neighborhood), but these places lack diversity because the people who are a part of them have (whether directly or indirectly) forced those who aren’t cishet, able bodied, gender norm conforming whites out.

Choosing to write about these settings in an accurately non-diverse way without confronting why these places aren’t diverse to begin with, (especially when people choose to write these situations over and over again and not analyze the lack of diversity within the system), is awful, and is in itself a forced, boxed in way of approaching the world that’s far worse than the “forced diversity” that comes from re-imagining what those setting would be like if oppression didn’t exist.

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