Let’s talk about OUR BLOODY PEARL.

Also known as: a thing I want to say to readers, reviews, writers, and most importantly, myself.

Some facts about OUR BLOODY PEARL:

  • I self-published it 16 months ago
  • It’s the second book I ever wrote
  • It’s the first book I ever edited to completion
  • It’s the first anything I ever published

Another fact: It’s not perfect. I didn’t think it was when I published it, and I definitely don’t think it is now. It has flaws, both small and large, and it has aspects that certain readers will prefer over others. I never want anyone—reviewers, readers, friends—to feel like they can’t poke and prod at those flaws. Analyzing books, both the good and the bad, is how we grow as readers and story tellers.

But none of this is to say that I regret publishing OBP, even with its flaws, because OUR BLOODY PEARL is the story I wanted to write and does what I wanted it to do. It’s fun and heart warming (and a little bloody) and it has touched a lot of readers, including myself.

Books don’t have to be masterpieces to be worthwhile. They don’t even have to be good. They just have to bring something good to the people they were written for, to transmit a bit of joy or wonder or introspection or even fright.

So, to the readers:

Thank you for letting your souls be touched by books. Thank you for making time in your schedules and opening your hearts.

To the reviewers:

Never be afraid to analyze a book’s flaws and continue to be just as fearless about loving the books you love, flaws and all.

To the writers:

Your story’s flaws do not define it, nor you. Your story’s worth in its ability to touch its readers despite its faults, and your worth is in your determination to keep writing even when it feels like your work will never reach that point.

And, finally, to me: I’m proud of you.

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