A BETTER FATE is a darkly whimsical short story featuring a fairytale wlw relationship between a zombie and a dryad. Trigger warnings for this story are memory loss, mild descriptions of rot, and the general state of being undead. Learn more through goodreads.

Hal remains undead for one purpose: to seek vengeance for her own demise. But with her body falling to pieces, her memories nearly gone, and a magical storm on the rise, that’s a tough job.

When a dryad offers to help Hal retrace her steps to find her killer, it seems fate might finally be on her side. Forgotten pasts are not always friendly, though. With the dryad’s life hanging in the balance, Hal must decide whether to hold to the goals of her life or choose a new path in her undeath. 

“Beautiful prose that tugs at your heart” — Jillian Maria

“Strange, sweet, and filled with romantic mystery” — Christina DiCocco

“A folklore-like premise with delicious description and a growing sense of dread” — B. L. Radley

A BETTER FATE is available… 

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