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Let’s talk about OUR BLOODY PEARL.

Also known as: a thing I want to say to readers, reviews, writers, and most importantly, myself. Some facts about OUR BLOODY PEARL: I self-published it 16 months ago It’s the second book I ever wrote It’s the first book I ever edited to… Continue Reading “Let’s talk about OUR BLOODY PEARL.”

These Treacherous Tides Updates

Last month was Our Bloody Pearl (These Treacherous Tides Book 1)’s birthday! Some fun stuff went down in celebration… First off, the These Treacherous Tides series now has its own website!  Check it out for information on the characters, fun activities, and a compilation of fan… Continue Reading “These Treacherous Tides Updates”

Writerly Updates and Goals

Due to real life getting in the way, I’ve taken a little break from posting here, but I’ve still been working just as steadily. Here are some updates, separated by series. The key points are highlighted for easy skimming. The Warlord Contracts. I’ve started… Continue Reading “Writerly Updates and Goals”

Our Bloody Pearl Funsies!

A lot of fun Our Bloody Pearl related things went down on tumblr and instagram over the last few months, so I thought I’d share some of them here! Some great art… Murielle and Simone by Phy-be Perle by Pan Dejean by xlehx And… Continue Reading “Our Bloody Pearl Funsies!”

Bryn’s 2018 Reading Recap.

In 2018 I finished 23 books (well, listened to most of them). I also started reading 8 others which I put down before the halfway point because I don’t hate myself enough to finish something I’m not at least mildly invested in. My favorites:… Continue Reading “Bryn’s 2018 Reading Recap.”

Discord Server

I’ve decided to make a place where people can find and communicate with me regardless of which social media sites they chose to exist on. Highlights of this server will include: Absolutely no hard feelings if you leave (and links to return whenever). A… Continue Reading “Discord Server”

From the high seas to the deep swamps…

Introducing the next book in the These Treacherous Tides series: When a banished mer-snake’s attempt to steal from the jungle’s most notorious energy cartel leaves him physically chained to the cartel’s human prisoner, he must guide her through the desolate swamps of his homeland.… Continue Reading “From the high seas to the deep swamps…”

Our Bloody Pearl

Sirens, pirates, romance, friendship, family, adventure, and more are sailing into port with Our Bloody Pearl, a fantasy novel with slight steampunk world building. Prepare for a voyage of laughter and danger while your heart is stolen – if not eaten – by sirens. The… Continue Reading “Our Bloody Pearl”

Fight, fight, fight.

Who would win in a fight: Dejean or Ilya? Jillian asked this a while back, and I couldn’t help but go into a little too much detail… Ilya, from The Warlord Contracts, isn’t the most technical fighter, but he cheats like nobody’s business. Dejean, from Pearl, is… Continue Reading “Fight, fight, fight.”

I finished draft five of Iron From Fire a little while ago. Have a mysterious golden-haired stranger to celebrate… Goldie shuffled backward, but their high, brown boots caught in the brush as they tried to stand. Their hood fell and a halo of curly golden hair… Continue Reading “”