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A Look at Negative Character Development.

What is negative character development? It’s incredibly hard to define. Some writers relate it to moral decline. Some apply it to areas where a character returns to a way of life they had at one point developed out of. Other writers don’t like to… Continue Reading “A Look at Negative Character Development.”

Describing Nature

(Tips to help you tackle the outdoors without ever leaving your home.) The forest for the trees. When describing any setting, especially potentially spacious settings such as expanses of nature, you have two major components: the big picture (the forest) and the little picture… Continue Reading “Describing Nature”

I finished draft five of Iron From Fire a little while ago. Have a mysterious golden-haired stranger to celebrate… Goldie shuffled backward, but their high, brown boots caught in the brush as they tried to stand. Their hood fell and a halo of curly golden hair… Continue Reading “”

Writing Engaging Antagonists

Before we get started, I want to clarify two things: – Antagonists can be of any moral alignment. They can be also be non-human things, such as monsters, nature, inner demons, etc. The antagonist is simply the primary thing your protagonist fights against. –… Continue Reading “Writing Engaging Antagonists”

Writing Sibling Relationships

Some things to think about when developing your siblings relationships.

Conveying Worldbuilding Without Exposition

How to present your readers with a world that’s interesting and different from our own in a way that’s both immersive and understandable at the same time. 

Character Development

What composes a character arc, in its simplest form, and who should have one.

Morally Grey But Still Likable?

Writing morally grey characters readers will love.

A Killer First Chapter

Tips and tricks to help you write a fantastic first chapter.

Writing Fight Scenes

How to write action packed fight scenes which build suspense and hold the reader’s attention.