A fantasy trilogy of politics, magic, and family, drama.

Book one, Iron From Fire.

In the fur-trimmed North where the trees grow far into the heavens and monstrous beasts still stalk the mountainsides, degenerated gods rest within supernatural constructs, waiting to grant one human their otherworldly powers in exchange for a cryptic sacrifice. Though Vasha is the son of a powerful warlord, he would rather have the old gods locked away, keeping their destructive powers out of the hands of humans.

But when a long coveted supernatural construct prepares to reopen its doors after being closed for a millennium, Vasha’s warlord father moves to take the power as his own. With a cross continental cold war brewing, Vasha must find a way to keep the old god’s powers out of the hands of those who seek them, and re-establish peace between the nations. As he strives to prevent war, he acquires the dubious help of three ambitious young people: a gorgeous foreigner with impossible knowledge; an intelligent enemy princess with supernatural secrets; and his very own brother, who hungers to take their father’s place as ruler of a dangerously pieced together army. But seeking amenity is difficult when not all battles can be won with words, and sometimes the only path to peace is through war.