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2019 Reading Recap: Books I Read This Year and Loved.

I read 45 books in 2019. (Well, technically I listened to most of them as audio-books. Dyslexia was a pain in the ass this year and I gave it a whopping middle finger.) This is not a “Best Of” list. I didn’t read all… Continue Reading “2019 Reading Recap: Books I Read This Year and Loved.”

Can Stories Truly be Good or Bad?

As I’ve grown as a writer, one unexpected change in the way I view and critique other stories is that I no longer see stories on a scale of good to bad, but from finished to unfinished. There are rarely ‘bad’ stories, only stories that needed… Continue Reading “Can Stories Truly be Good or Bad?”

Our Bloody Pearl Funsies!

A lot of fun Our Bloody Pearl related things went down on tumblr and instagram over the last few months, so I thought I’d share some of them here! Some great art… Murielle and Simone by Phy-be Perle by Pan Dejean by xlehx And… Continue Reading “Our Bloody Pearl Funsies!”

Bryn’s 2018 Reading Recap.

In 2018 I finished 23 books (well, listened to most of them). I also started reading 8 others which I put down before the halfway point because I don’t hate myself enough to finish something I’m not at least mildly invested in. My favorites:… Continue Reading “Bryn’s 2018 Reading Recap.”

What I learned while self-publishing.

I went through the process of self-publishing Our Bloody Pearl this summer. Even with all the guides in the world it turned out to be a very grueling experience. I’ll be doing it again with Quasi Stellar soon, but I also hope to traditionally… Continue Reading “What I learned while self-publishing.”

Every scene furthers the plot.

Some writers confuse “you must further the plot with every scene” with “heavy plot handling must happen constantly.” (Which is a shame, because the latter is not only incorrect, but can make your character’s interactions stiff and boring.) It’s okay to let your characters… Continue Reading “Every scene furthers the plot.”

Writing Your First Novel Right.

While I have a book published (siren! pirates! okay yeah enough with the marketing), I’m still editing the first novel I wrote. It’s okay if your first novel takes a long time. It’s okay if you have to rewrite it and rewrite it and then thoroughly edit… Continue Reading “Writing Your First Novel Right.”

Writing Relationships: Enemies to Lovers.

These types of relationships can be some of the most interesting and enjoyable, both to read and write, because they show us many sides of the same characters and the growth from a hatred to mixed feelings and finally to genuine love and acceptance… Continue Reading “Writing Relationships: Enemies to Lovers.”

Making your angst hurt: the power of lighthearted scenes. 

I’m incredibly disappointed with the trend in stories (especially ‘edgy’ YA novels) to bombard the reader with traumatic situations, angry characters, and relationship drama without ever first giving them a reason to root for a better future. As a reader… I might care that… Continue Reading “Making your angst hurt: the power of lighthearted scenes. “

How to save an author’s life with book reviews.

A simplistic guide on writing helpful book reviews;For readers who don’t know what the hell to say, or don’t have the time to say it. I know some of you are reading Our Bloody Pearl, so I wanted to take a moment to talk about… Continue Reading “How to save an author’s life with book reviews.”