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What not to (not) write in fantasy.

I’ve seen some posts going around on what not to write in fantasy, many of which amount to: Don’t write evil kings. Don’t write people who are evil for the sake of evil. Don’t write bullies. Don’t write villains at all actually. Don’t write mentors. Don’t let your characters learn how to do hard things on their own though. Don’t write people on adventures. Don’t write … Read More What not to (not) write in fantasy.

I finished draft five of Iron From Fire a little while ago. Have a mysterious golden-haired stranger to celebrate… Goldie shuffled backward, but their high, brown boots caught in the brush as they tried to stand. Their hood fell and a halo of curly golden hair sprang out. Immediately, they yanked the fabric up again. Vasha scowled at them. “What do you want from me!” “Nothing.” … Read More