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Plot progression: points, twists, and hinges.

(And why hinges rock.) Please excuse me while I assign already well-loved terms new meanings for my own benefit. (This is to say, writing terminology means something slightly different or goes by slightly different terms depending on who you ask. Two of the definitions… Continue Reading “Plot progression: points, twists, and hinges.”

How to Write Non-binary Characters: Part III.

PART ONE: the basics. PART TWO: the nitty gritty. PART THREE: common pitfalls and easy fixes. Here we’ll cover some common situations where writing respectful non-binary characters can be trickier. Writing Non-human Non-binary characters. Non-human non-binary characters aren’t inherently disrespectful to non-binary people, but… Continue Reading “How to Write Non-binary Characters: Part III.”

How to Write Non-binary Characters: Part II.

Visit PART ONE: the basics first! PART TWO: the nitty gritty. Non-binary in relation to Presentation. What are we talking about here when we say presentation? Presentation in relation to gender is how a person chooses to look, dress, and act in relation to… Continue Reading “How to Write Non-binary Characters: Part II.”

How to Write Non-binary Characters: A Three Part Guide for Writing Characters with Non-binary Genders.

PART ONE: the basics. Disclaimer: While this guide is written by a non-binary person in collaboration with many other non-binary writers and readers, it does not necessarily cover the views of all people within the non-binary community. First off, what is this thing you… Continue Reading “How to Write Non-binary Characters: A Three Part Guide for Writing Characters with Non-binary Genders.”

Surviving NaNoWriMo: A Motivational Semi-Guide.

NaNoWriMo — also known as Nation Novel Writing Month, the month were writers everywhere attempt to write… well, a novel. The actual goal is to write 50,000 words by the end of the month, because 50,000 words is usually seen as the minimum word… Continue Reading “Surviving NaNoWriMo: A Motivational Semi-Guide.”

How to write a novel: a beginner’s guide to the basics of storytelling.

First off, you have to know these two things: Your first draft of your first book will be terrible. All your favorite authors of all time wrote a terrible first draft of their first book too. Probably a terrible second and third draft, maybe… Continue Reading “How to write a novel: a beginner’s guide to the basics of storytelling.”

Why Can’t I Stick to My Outline?

The inability to write what you’ve outlined plagues many of us, and it has many potential causes, some of which have workarounds, while others don’t. Here’s just a couple: 1. You don’t know your characters well enough when you outline, so when you write them,… Continue Reading “Why Can’t I Stick to My Outline?”

Writing: Hobby vs Career. (Spoilers: both are hard!)

If you want to write as a career you’ll have to write on days you don’t want to. You’ll have to write when you aren’t motivated, when you aren’t in the mood, when writing isn’t any fun. Just because writing is something people can have fun doing, doesn’t… Continue Reading “Writing: Hobby vs Career. (Spoilers: both are hard!)”

Character Creation

I’ve been running my characters through these questions so I thought I might as well share them. They are meant to be a fun but challenging look at how your characters are going to interact with each other and the plot. The examples and… Continue Reading “Character Creation”

Descriptions as Elephants: the Happy Medium.

There are a lot of odd rules floating around about descriptions (some of which are useful and others… not so much), but to form writing theories that any writer can apply to their own work without losing their personal style, we often need to… Continue Reading “Descriptions as Elephants: the Happy Medium.”