Our Petty Poisons

A These Treacherous Tides book.


When a banished mer-snake’s attempt to steal from the jungle’s most notorious energy cartel leaves him physically chained to the cartel’s human prisoner, he must guide her through the desolate swamps of his homeland. But the poison coursing through her veins might just kill her before the swamp or the cartel leader can — if the two unlikely allies don’t destroy each other first. 

Also known as: dumb gremlin Boi takes entire book to realize his dying partner is probably more important than pretty rocks.


Cacau. (“I am the bittersweet earth, male, he.”)

  • A literal trash bag in the shape of a brown snek-boi.
  • Is autistic with sensory issues.
  • Hates nets.
  • Loves rocks, especially the ones that glow.

Thais. (“Like the beginning of tame and the ace from a deck of cards.”)

  • she/her but not binary.
  • A dancer and self-proclaimed hero.
  • Refuses to show weakness.
  • Human; looks like this.

Xera. (“I am the way the um, the mist falls in the morning, all, and uh, they.”)

  • Nonbinary, deaf, and unnaturally quiet.
  • Socially anxious warrior.
  • Lives in a tree.
  • Human.


  • She/her, giant green snek-gal.
  • Like bones and plants.
  • Kicked out of storytelling school for being too outrageous.
  • Will Lie For Friends.


  • Human cartel leader.
  • Your typical gay-coded Disney villain, only way smoller.
  • Has a penchant for fishnet gloves and dangerous pets. 
  • Drinks too much.

(Who is the villain here? Maybe we were all our own villain in the end.)


Will any of the Our Bloody Pearl characters appear in this book? 

Yup; Murielle and Simone make an appearance! 

Do you have to read Our Bloody Pearl to understand Our Petty Poisons?

Mur and Simone may seem like a weird inclusion if you don’t know they’re cameos, but otherwise Our Petty Poisons is an entirely separate story and can be enjoyed without ever having read the first book.

We didn’t get to see much of the mer cultures or broader world building in Our Bloody Pearl. Will this change in Our Petty Poisons?

Our Petty Poisons will definitely give more insight into the world in which it takes place. While the first book was largely a found family and healing plot-line with some fantasy components attached, the second book follows a more traditional fantasy arc, as well as including more character development.

When is the expected publishing date for Our Petty Poisons?

There is no set release date, but it will likely arrive sometime in summer of 2021. My intention is to have the two books after this one ready to be published 6-12 months after Our Petty Poison’s release, so there will not be an extensive wait for any of the other books in the series after this.

This book is currently in revisions.


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