Working Title Abbreviation: VtsTtG
Genre: Gothic space fantasy
Other Elements: Horror and f/f romance


A proper con artist, Dlan covers her vulnerabilities with lies. She fled her last love and hasn’t looked back. A slave turned peacekeeper, Ashalle prefers to hide her weaknesses behind armor and rage. But no shield can patch the scars Dlan left on her heart.

When the bitter exes take the same mark—a slave ship Dlan means to steal and Ashalle to liberate—a ghost from their pasts calls in a debt and offers both woman their greatest desires. For Ashalle this means mounting the head of her sister’s kidnapper on a spike. For Dlan, it’s understanding the shifting tattoo she awoke with three years before, so she can bury her half-forgotten past for good.

But their quest itself will be demanding enough: rescue a mythological heir from a place that doesn’t exist.

Trapped in a fabled space castle whose broken AI taunts them with riddles and death threats, Dlan and Ashalle must trust each other to survive. They soon realize some stars are false and the gods have been torn asunder. If they fall short in their rescue mission, the universe will be threatened by a powerful being bent on its destruction. But to prevent his rise, Ashalle must let go of her vengeance and armor, and Dlan allow her past to engulf her whole.

Also known as: Lovers turned enemies need a homicidal space castle AI and a gothic half-ghost to bring them back together in a world where not all stars are real.


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